Life Coaching

So you've decided that you'd like to create some change in your life! But where to start? We live in a world full of self-improvement books and DVDs, teachers and motivational speakers with their "proven systems", seminars, courses, retreats, and celebrity experts - ideally endorsed by Oprah Winfrey. And then there are the more traditional resources, the world of counselling, therapy and assorted psychologists, and of course our dear old friends and family.


So where does Life Coaching fit in? And what is it, anyway?

Put very simply, coaching is a one-on-one process that explores the life you want, works out a path to get there, and then helps you to follow that path. Coaching is built on a few important principles:

  • As your coach I'm not an adviser or “expert”, but will ask you the right questions so that you see your life from different angles, helping you to access new perspectives
  • Your path to happiness is probably going to be different to someone else's, so "one size fits all" is probably not a good way to go!
  • It's important to have at least some idea of where we're going before we set off
  • Follow-through is essential; good ideas don't usually create much change on their own
  • Your coach is unconditionally on your side. Which sometimes means giving you a loving kick

So who can benefit from coaching? Actually, anyone who would like to see positive change in their life, and is interested in participating in the exhilarating process of making it happen! It doesn't matter whether you feel your life is dreadful, or whether it's great and you'd like it to be even more amazing - coaching can take you higher.

Ask yourself: “How would I really like my life to be?”

If you aren’t there yet (or if you aren’t sure where “there yet” is!) you may well be attracted to getting there faster, more easily, and relatively painlessly, and in that case, as your coach I am there to help you achieve that. Many people aim small, believing that life needs to be a struggle.
It doesn't.

It's time to live the life you really want.

So are you ready?
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